Uyghur dutar

Uyghur Dutar

Uyghur Dutirini sétiwélish / Buy this Uyghur Dutar


Listen to Uyghur dutar sample music- Shadiyane

Dutar - (Uyghur miniature musical instrument / Uyghur chalghu modili) - Length: 29cm, made in Kashgar. Uyghur dutar - a long-necked plucked lute with two nylon (formerly silk) strings tuned a fifth or sometimes a fourth apart, with seventeen chromatic frets. The dutar is beautifully decorated, like all Uyghur lutes, with settings in horn or bone. It is used to accompany folk songs, and as a supporting instrument in the muqam. A dutar can be found in almost every Uyghur home, and is the sole instrument which Uyghur women have traditionally played.


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