Uyghur Twelve Muqam full set VCD

Uyghur Twelve Muqam Full Set VCD

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Uyghur Twelve Muqam full set VCD

Uyghur Twelve Muqam full set VCD - 12 video compact disc recordings of the Twelve Muqam. Each VCD contains a 60 minute recording of one Muqam, accompanied by video of enactments of classic Uyghur historical tales and dancing.

The traditional Uyghur Twelve Muqam suites are large-scale suites consisting of sung poetry, stories, dance. Each of the 12 muqams consists of a main section that begins with a long free rhythm introduction, followed by pieces with characteristic rhythmic patterns that gradually increase in speed. The Dastan[1] section includes songs from several of the romantic dastan narratives found widely in Central Asia. The Mäshräp section consists of more lively dance songs that were originally connected with the performances of sama by dervish musicians of Turkistan.

In 2005, UNESCO designated The Uyghur Muqam of Xinjiang as part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.


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