The Spring Bird

Aziz Isa Ëlkun


Adding to my early morning mood

A bird sings to the spring

Pink-white apricot blossom

My heart misses my lover


Timid birds on the white blossom

Sing a joyful song of life

Bright sun reflected on each petal

A teasing breeze greets the spring 


White blossom like a bride in her dress

If I were a spring bird, sitting on your branch

I would dissolve into your petals with no regret

And serenade you dawn and dusk  


Sing, bird of freedom, never stop your song

The time has come to summon the spring

Banish dark winter from our garden

It is the season to sing to your lover


These sweet feelings warm my soul

They link me to mother nature

Every spring I sprout like a sapling

My poems will grow like trees


16 March 2015, London




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